Supersmelt Overview

Supersmelt is a privately held group with diversified business activities that includes manufacturing of Ferro Alloys, Metal Powders, Cotton Yarn and Iron Ore Fines; Trading of Manganese Ore/ Alloys, Iron Ore, Aluminum, Iron & Steel products and various other minerals. We also act as Marketing Agents for various Iron & Steel products and Sponge Iron manufacturers. The group has a specialized arm providing consultancy in systematic trading strategies and commodity risk management.

The group’s inception dates back to 1992 and since then Supersmelt has been a leader in production of both Noble and Bulk Ferro Alloys including manufacture through the alumino-thermit process. Most of our long-standing clients are the biggest Indian Iron & Steel majors and have been with us for close to a decade. The corporate office is located in the city of Kolkata with manufacturing facilities spread across the country. Our family of employees has more than 600 members with very high retention rates.