At Supersmelt we not only believe in a Cleaner and Greener Earth but also dedicatedly follow the environmental norms practiced worldwide for the manufacture of our products. Our Pollution Control Devices and systems are designed as follows:

  • Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter complete with casing, Hopper, Fresh Air Chamber, Filter Bags, Bag Cage, Solenoid Valves, Timer etc.
  • Forced Draft air to Air Gas Cooler complete with gas tube banks, cooling fan without drive motor, Hopper etc.
  • I.D.Fan complete with M.S.Casing Impeller, Bearings, Shaft Damper, Flexible connections etc.
  • M.S. fabricated suction hood with wheel.
  • Butterfly Damper @ 450 mm.
  • M.S. fabricated hood, inter connecting ducts, bends, Damper Duct Supports etc.

We constantly look out for any possible Environment threats that may arise from our production process and are committed not to disturb the environment. We are constantly examining our systems, so as to optimize our processes and reduce wastage.

The other measures for which we are committed are:

  • Working towards zero pollution manufacturing facility.
  • Conversion of hazardous waste into non -hazardous value add products.
  • Recycling of waste
  • Maintaining a plants & nursery in factory premises
  • Distributions of sapling to the employee for planting near their homes.