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We give our employees every opportunity to flourish in their careers and grow as part of Supersmelt family

At Supersmelt, we believe in supporting, developing and rewarding those who work for us, at every level. Just as we lead the way in our specialist fields - manufacturing and trading in ferro alloys, metals, ores - we also aim to pioneer when it comes to giving our employees every chance to develop their careers and grow as part of the Supersmelt family.

Quality is one of our core corporate values, and it’s through investing in our people that quality comes to the fore. Work with us and we’ll work with you to help you achieve your potential. We operate extensive career enhancement programmes that serve not only to ensure that our workforce is constantly learning and improving, but also that members of the Supersmelt family have the opportunity to be motivated, to develop and to satisfy their ambition to have a rewarding working life.

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