Noble Alloys

Noble Alloys and their powders have been a core strength of the group for the last 30 years. Noble Ferro alloys are one of the vital inputs required for producing special types of steel and used as additive inputs especially in the production of alloy and special steels. They are also required in small quantities in the production of special welding electrodes. In India, Noble Ferro Alloys are mostly manufactured through Alumino-thermic process. These are used in the production of steel as de-oxidant and alloying agent. Their quantum of consumption varies widely based on steel making process and grade of steel.

Consequently, Supersmelt has developed inherent capabilities to manufacture cost effective products in the Noble Alloys without the slightest compromise in quality. Our clients bear testimony to the effort and diligence with which we work with them. We create value by helping our friends in the industry create value for their clients. Our standard products are listed below and can produce or trade other specifications based on client needs.

Noble Alloys
Mo C (Max) Si (Max) S (Max) P (Max) Al (Max)
60 - 70 0.1 2 0.08 0.06 0.5