management team
Management Team
Mr. Prabhat Kumar Kasera
Managing Director

Mr. Prabhat Kumar Kasera has been a leader and visionary for the group. He started his career at a young age with a cottage industry in Aluminium and has since grown it into a diversified group of industries. Mr. Kasera has a passion for exploring industries and executing projects at scale. He has been at the spearhead of driving the group of companies from manufacturers of Ferro Alloys about three decades ago, to today where the group manufacturers Ferro Alloys, Sponge Iron, Billets, Cotton Yarn, and Kraft Paper. Under his guidance, the group has also branched out into the services sector with interests in Pharmaceutical Marketing & Promotion, Healthcare Clinics, Healthcare Technology platforms, Financial Advisory and IT enabled services. Mr. Kasera with his vision, experience (technical and managerial) and network has navigated the group over the last 3 decades and continues to seek growth.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Kasera

Mr. Manoj Kumar Kasera is an experienced Entrepreneur and Director of the Company. Mr. Kasera’s strength and expertise in financial and operational excellence play a vital role in the functioning of the group businesses. He has a keen understanding of the markets and industry and he uses these abilities to enable seamless functioning in the day to day business. He is well known for his acumen to control costs and turn around industries to make them profitable in record time. His passion is in the Iron & Steel and Ferro Alloys industries where his understanding and knowledge is unparalleled.

Mr. Saurav Kasera

Mr. Saurav Kasera completed his Master of Science from New York University, United States of America. Since then Saurav has sought challenges to satisfy his entrepreneurial drive. He provides over a decade of investment banking, private equity, corporate development, strategic consulting and asset management experience. As founder of a boutique management consulting firm in New York, he has advised numerous companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Since his return to India, Saurav has been at the helm of business expansion for the group. He is primarily response for marketing and promotional functions of the group and is spearheading the groups foray into the Healthcare and Technology verticals.

Mr. Vikash Dhandhania

Mr. Vikash Dhandhania heads the steel and cotton yarn business and has been leading this business for over a decade now. He has close to 20 years experience in the manufacturing & marketing of cotton yarn. Vikash spends a lot of time in development of the yarn product range and global marketing. He holds a Bachelor’’s Degree in Commerce from St.Xavier’’s College, Kolkata.

Mr. Ashu Kasera

Mr. Ashu Kasera completed his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Economics from Stern School of Business, New York University, United States of America. He started his career working with Deloitte in the New York office with one of the largest Investment Banks in the World. Upon returning to India, he joined the family business to use his hunger to learn and innovate in Indian business. He brings cutting edge technology, operations and management solutions to the team. Early in his career he founded a Technology Consultancy Services company working in the Education, Healthcare and Logistics domains. Over the years he has accumulated experience in Supply Chain Management, Technology Infrastructure Management, Information Systems & Reporting and Data Analytics. He has been leading the Healthcare and Technology verticals in the group with a keen interest in Iron & Steel and other manufacturing industries.