Supersmelt Overview
Founded in 1987 by Mr. Prabhat Kumar Kasera, the Supersmelt group had very humble beginnings. Prior to this the Kasera family was engaged in the manufacturing and sales of light aluminium utensils in Kolkata. The first Ferro Alloys facility was setup in 1987 in a small town called Howrah. It started with supplying Ferro alloy powders to manufacturers of welding electrode rods. Over the next few years came the first break through. What started as a cottage industry, soon grew to include 2 units, catering to the Just-In-Time demand of the welding electrode industry. In the meanwhile, Mr. Prabhat Kasera was joined at the helm by his younger brother, Mr. Manoj Kasera, supporting Mr. Prabhat’s entrepreneurial spirit with laser sharp attention to specifics and details.
The early 2000s saw the entire country grow at a rapid pace. Mr. Kasera took advantage of this growth to bring the Supersmelt group its second breakthrough. In 2002, the brothers joined hands with a prominent mining group from Odisha to set up a Direct Reduced Iron (Sponge Iron) manufacturing plant in Keonjhar under the name Orion Ispat Pvt Ltd. Through sheer hard work and distraction-free dedication, the bothers started expanding. In 2004 they acquired Orion Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd., a sick Ferro Alloys manufacturing plant in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. In 2005, the group expanded into Cotton recycling and yarn manufacturing. By 2007 there were two cotton yarn spinning mills in production, producing over 450 MT of cotton yarn per month! The ferro alloys vertical saw further expansion as well with the commissioning of Supersmelt Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd. in 2010.
The 2010 brought with it a third break through. The youngest brother, Mr. Saurav Kasera returned from the United States, having completed his Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics and joined the family business. He began the Group’s journey into Financial advisory and asset management by launch Velox Advisory Limited, one of the earliest Category 3 Alternate Investment Funds in India. The fund used innovative algorithmic trading to execute trading strategies for its investors.
Having built over two decades of experience in the Iron and Steel Industry, manufacturing Aluminium, Ferro Alloys, DRI, occasionally trading Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Metal Scrap and so on, the group decided to dive headlong into the production of steel. 2012 saw the birth of the Group’s Steel Induction furnaces based out of Bengal. Supersmelt Industries Pvt. Ltd. was commissioned 2015, after years of struggle to acquire all the right licenses and facilities to successfully run a secondary steel making business.
By the end of 2012, Mr. Prabhat Kasera’s son had also returned from the United States and joined hands with Mr. Saurav Kasera to start diversifying the Supersmelt group. In late 2012 they launched an IT Services and Data Analytics company by the name of Bluepond Consultancy Services. 2013 saw the group foray into the Healthcare Industry and the launch of Strathspey Labs Pvt. Ltd., the Group’s joint venture pharmaceutical company with investors from the United States. The innovation streak continued with 2015 marking the launch of Clirnet Services Pvt. Ltd., a Doctors platform which took on the responsibility of disrupting the Healthcare Industry from it core.
The Supersmelt group diversified into the Paper Manufacturing Industry in late 2014, when construction for their greenfield operation, Stark Ridge Paper Pvt. Ltd. started. Mr. Prabhat Kasera worked tirelessly to procure the best infrastructure and designs to make high quality paper to rival the market leaders in East India. The mill produces high bursting factor Kraft paper which is used in the packing and corrugation industry. It has a capacity of about 170 MT per day. The industry faced many challenges but was successfully completed against all odds by late 2018. The same year also witnessed the Group taking another step in the Iron and Steel Industry with the acquisition of a DRI manufacturing unit in West Bengal under the name Supersmelt Sponge Pvt. Ltd. The unit has a capacity of 200 MT of DRI per day.
The latest venture from the group began in 2019, when myMD, an integrated chain of OPD Clinics, Pharmacy & Diagnostics grew shoots. myMD is focused on providing end-to-end care to Patients and hassel free infrastructure and services to Doctors to build up the healthcare capacity in the country. Currently with centers in Eastern India, myMD is poised to be operating in over 100 locations by 2021.
The group is presently planning its next stage of expansion in Ferro Alloys, Steel, Pharmaceuticals and Technology. These are expected to pan out in the next 5 years.